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Catalog No. Product Quantity Price Instruction MSDS  
PF001 PUREfrex® 500 µL for reaction JPY 33,000 - see in details
PF002 PUREfrex®SS 500 µL for reaction JPY 42,000 - see in details
*For the customers abroad, min quantity, shipping cost, insurance are to be discussed in each order.

PUREfrex® kit is a newly developed reconstituted cell-free protein synthesis reagent based on PURE system technology invented by Professor Takuya Ueda in the University of Tokyo. This reaction system consists of proteins, ribosome, amino acids and NTPs only (Ref. 1, 2). Those proteins are necessary for transcription, translation and energy regeneration. The proteins and ribosome are highly purified individually and assembled together to constitute the protein synthesis system. To synthesize your protein, just add your template DNA or mRNA encoding the protein of interest into reaction mixture, and incubate for several hours. This system’s biggest point is RECONSTITUTED system by assembling translation related factors only. By this unique character, you may adjust the composition of reaction mixture as you like and may not have to consider serious background for your downstream application.
By improving the purification process of components of PUREfrex® kit, contamination of RNase and β-galactosidase are greatly reduced, in addition to that, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is also reduced less than 0.1 EU per 1 µL of reaction mixture. All proteinous components of PUREfrex® kit have no tags for purification and detection. It allows to fuse your protein with any tag to purify the product.
GeneFrontier provides 2 types of kit, so you may choose the kit depend on your protein’s properties. PUREfrex® (# PF001) has a reducing agent (DTT), so the protein is synthesized under reduced environment. We recommend PUREfrex® kit for synthesis of intracellular proteins or peptides which don’t form disulfide bonds (SS-bond). PUREfrex®SS (# PF002) is provided for synthesizing protein under oxidized environment. Oxidizing agent (GSSG) and disulfide bond isomerase (E.coli DsbC) are attached to PUREfrex® kit (#PF001) as a supplement independently. We recommend PUREfrex®SS kit for synthesis of an extracellular proteins or peptides which form disulfide bonds. If you don’t know whether your protein needs disulfide bonds or not for its activity, you may synthesize it with different concentration of GSSG or DsbC using Solution IV and V attached to the kit (# PF002). Please refer to our site showing the experiment using proteins including multiple disulfide bounds in active form.
Ref)1. Shimizu et al. (2001) Nat. Biotechnol., vol. 19, p. 751
2. Shimizu et al. (2005) Methods, vol. 36, p. 299

For preparation of following proteins
prokaryotic protein
eukaryotic protein
membrane protein
protein containing disulfide bonds
protein containing unnatural amino acids
... etc.
For basic research in protein science
Folding of protein after synthesis
For in vitro display
Ribosome display
mRNA display

PUREfrex® is developed for in vitro research only. PUREfrex® should not be used for the therapy, diagnostic or administration to animals including human and should not be used as food or cosmetics etc. To avoid the contamination of nuclease, nuclease-free-treated water, reagents and materials should be used. We also recommend wearing gloves and mask.
"PUREfrex® is Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office"